Reviewing the Bulgarian history and getting knowledge of the generations wisdom we introduce to you the unique Eco-complex Sherba. We offer to our clients the opportunity of sharing the magic of the beautiful forest and tasting traditional specialties of the Bulgaria national cuisine. Revealing the woods mystery and feeling the nature sounds is an experience not to be missed!
Eco-resort Sherba is situated in the forest nearby Grozdiovo village, 70 km from Varna city. The complex consists of 19 elegant and cozy rooms (2 suites, 3 junior suites, 8 double rooms, 6 double deluxe rooms); 3 neat small villas (two 2-bedroom villas and one 1-bedroom); there are also 2 family houses (big family house – 5 rooms, private tavern, kitchen utensils and cutlery; small family house 3 rooms).
Furthermore, at your disposal you will find: Restaurant with open terrace, Conference room, Multifunctional sport field tennis, football, volleyball, basketball, badminton, Fitness room, SPA centre – 3 saunas (classic, herbal therapy with herbs from the local eco-environment, chromo therapy); masseur; steam bath; jacuzzi; effect showers; mini waterfall;
The forest of Sherba is known for its unique richness of flora and fauna. This is one of the places in Bulgaria where the biodiversity will meet you with big red deer populations and stag of a fallow deers, does, moufflons, wild-boars. Sherbas plant kingdom represents a different world with plenty of rare species. In the venerable forest you will find a big variety of broad-leaved trees: beech-trees, oaks, hornbeams, yoke-elm, lime-trees. An old legend says that the beech-trees and the oaks are sacred trees where the wood-nymphs live.. visit the magic forest of Sherba and feel the nature!